Topps Vault Superman II Card #86 Proof Set


This is a proof set of one of the cards from Topps Superman II card set… card #86 featuring Christopher Reeve flying with the American flag. Each of these two proofs were printed in two colors on the exact paper stock that the finished cards were printed on. The left one in the photo was printed in magenta and yellow and the right was printed in yellow and cyan. Bear in mind that these were printed long before the days of computerized prepress; to see how something would look after it was printed, you had to either run it on an expensive press or use an expensive photographic proofing process.

These separation proofs were obtained directly from Topps via their Topps Vault account on eBay. Each is slabbed in an acrylic case with a holgraphic foil sticker with a serial number. The set also included a certificate of authenticity.




Here’s what the final released card looked like printed in four color process (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).


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    • Thanks, Chris! They had a whole lot of these on eBay in March/April of this year, and this was the one I really focused on. Of course, so did someone else and we ran the bid up to about twice what the other proofs were selling for.

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