1978 Superman Pepsi Promo Glasses


Following the success of the earlier Moon Series, Pepsi released a series of DC superhero promo glasses with new, more action-oriented images in 1978, though they are dated 1975. There are actually fewer characters in this series than in the Moon series; no villains were made in this one.

This series came in two styles: a taller, more square glass and a shorter one with a rounded bottom. The taller one stands about 6-1/4″ high and the round bottom glass is about 5-7/8″ tall. Not sure about the reason for the change in glass style, but the Superman The Movie promo glasses were also made on the round bottom style, so maybe the manufacturer switched glass styles partway into the run.



Of the two, the round bottom glass is more difficult to find, but not impossible.



There is also a prototype version of the round bottom version with the design printed on amber glass shown in the Glass 411 database.


Here are the two glasses photographed together. Notice there are differences between the imprint on both. The round bottom glass seems to have a lot more detail than the regular release, though its imprint is smaller. There’s more shading detail in the face, on the abdomen, and on the legs.

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