Special Guest Submission: Man of Steel Store Displays


If you think I’m enthusiastic about Superman, you should see my friend Cameron M.’s amazing collection of store displays from this summer’s Man of Steel movie. I don’t know how he does it, but he managed to get just about every cool store display that was available. He was kind enough to let me share several of the pictures from his Facebook page with you.

Here’s a poster from the Wal-mart bakery department promoting Man of Steel custom cakes. He also managed to snag a bag of Man of Steel cupcake decorations.


This has to be my favorite of all his stuff… he actually managed to get one of the display cakes! Imagine coming home every day and seeing this on your kitchen counter.


I haven’t even seen these Sky Slingers in stores yet.


Here’s a Heroclix gravity display. (I covered the figures here.)


Talk about collecting them all… he got all of the Hardees Man of Steel cups and toys (though it looks like he’s missing two card packs… FYI, there were three different packs, each embossed with an A, B, or C on the lower corner of the foil pack), and even managed to get two employee hats and a store sign.


Spencer’s Man of Steel contest store sign:


Man of Steel Twizzlers box and shelf-talker:


Poster announcing special military showing of Man of Steel a week before the New York premiere:


Items from the movie premiere:


Wal-mart shelf-talkers for their special edition Blu-ray preorder:


Wal-mart 3D poster:


Hallmark floor display:


Detail of top of peghook display from Wal-mart with gift cards:


Wal-mart large Premiere Night 8′ x 6′ banner:


Wal-mart floor display header (this was for the main Man of Steel floor displays that sat in front of the Electronics department):


Wal-mart Premiere ticket floor display:


This Man of Steel cutout figure was on the top of a DVD floor display:


Man of Steel Twizzlers floor display:


Wal-mart Man of Steel premiere tickets sign (this one was one of the signs at the front of the store over the security sensors):


Wal-mart Man of Steel premiere sign (this one was on the store display in the middle of the isle that was in front of electronics):


Samsung TV display sign:


He even has one of the balloons from the Premiere Night promotion:


Whew, and I think I even skipped a few pics. Unbelievable collection, Cameron! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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