Super Adventure Comic #23


According to’s excellent article A History of Australian DC Reprints, imports of American comics into Australia were tightly restricted until the 1980s, resulting in the emergency of local comic publishers like K.G. Murray, who began publishing reprints of DC Comics in 1947. One popular reprint title they published was Super Adventure Comic, a World’s Finest style reprint title featuring Superman, Batman, and Superboy reprints sold under Murray’s Colour Comics Pty. Ltd. banner. Here is a look at issue #23.

Oddly enough, despite the “Colour Comics” brand, the comics inside are not in color, but in black and white. The only part of the comic that’s in color is the front cover. This comic measures roughly 9-5/8″ high by 7-1/2″ wide and was printed on relatively cheap newsprint stock that reminds me of those old Big Boy comics. It has 28 pages total, including the front and back covers.


This issue of the series was published in April of 1952, and is actually a UK version of the Australian reprint. The cover is an adaptation of World’s Finest #55, except Robin is replaced by Superboy. The stories inside are “The City that Exiled Superman” from World’s Finest #55, “Bruce Wayne: Crime Reporter” from Batman #65, and “The School Without A Teacher” from Superboy #19. There’s also a two page Sagebrush filler.



So, how’d they manage to fit three stories in 28 pages? It’s easy… the lead story ran full size, but the artwork for part of the second and all of third stories were reduced so that they could fit two pages on one!


Just for fun, here are a few of the ads in this issue, too.





The back cover has an ad for a Charles Atlas style workout that promises results in two weeks. Love these panels:


That kid knows how to make an entrance!

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    • I posted your auction to the Collecting Superman Facebook page and was told it is a Superman from Burbank Toys who made it for the U.K. market in 1980. Good luck with your auction.

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