DC Direct Uni-Formz Cyborg Superman

Released in 2009, this 8″ high figure was part of DC Direct’s Uni-Formz series, a line influenced by the urban vinyl movement. Cyborg Superman was released in a case assortment with Superman in his classic red, yellow, and blue uniform, and Superman wearing the silver and black Kryptonian life suit; they’re all the same mold, just with different paint decorations. Though DC Direct doesn’t release sales figures, I don’t think Uni-Formz were commercially successful. In spite of that, they released a bunch of other characters in the style, including Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern, each available in different versions.

Though I’m not a collector of urban vinyl toys, they’re definitely interesting, and I like that DC Direct was willing to take an artistic gamble on these and try to reach a different market. They’ve since followed up with much smaller Blammoids figures, which made it through four different series before being canceled.

The box is pretty sharp and features bold, full-color graphics, silver foil stamping, and a two die cut windows: one at the front, and one at the top like a sunroof.

In the interests of science, I carefully opened the package from the bottom and took the figure out for a couple of pictures. The articulation was very limited, so there’s not much you’ll be able to do to pose it. The cape is sculpted vinyl instead of cloth, and it’s pretty nice.

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