Mego Die Cast Superman Action Figure


Mego, best known for its legendary 8″ line, also experimented with action figures releases in other formats, including this die cast and plastic Superman offered in 1979. Standing 5-1/2″ tall, the figure was sold in a relatively plain white window box with a bold image of Superman flying on the front. There is a Palitoy version of this box as well.


The back features the only other DC character available in the line Batman, delivering what appears to be a deadly gut punch. Either that, or he’s listening to ska. Other characters in the line were Marvel’s Amazing Spider-man and the Incredible Hulk.


The figure itself has a die-cast metal torso and plastic head, arms, and legs. The head sculpt (or maybe it’s the paint) on this Superman is best described as hapless; this version of Superman doesn’t exactly inspire with his helmet of hair, but I do like it. Unfortunately, this is the only shot I got of him before I decided to try to loosen up the frozen/melted hip joints and broke both of his legs clean off.


Just for fun, here’s a scan of a page from The Heroes World Catalog #2 from 1979 featuring their solicitation for Die Cast Heroes in which the drawing looks nothing like the final product. They are listed at a price of $8.99; in today’s money, that’s $28.91 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator. I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m complaining about the price of the newest Superman action figures.


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As always, the Mego Museum is the site for any and all important information about Mego figures. Here’s their page on Die Cast Superman.

2 thoughts on “Mego Die Cast Superman Action Figure

  1. Man, I need to get these one of these days. The Superman head sculpt is definitely influenced by the 12″ Movie version, with it’s more modern hairstyle (supposedly looking like Chris Reeve, but not quite). Every Mego figure after the movie had a very similar headsculpt.

    Sorry about your figure. That stings. Thanks for doing this, and I’m sorry you suffered for your art!


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