Superman Batman Public Enemies Superman figure

Mattel’s Superman Batman Public Enemies line was released in support of the direct-to-video DC movie Superman Batman Public Enemies, which was an adaptation of the first story arc of the Superman/Batman comic series. Sold exclusively at Target, the line was available in two waves of three figures each, plus an oversized “Build a Figure” if you bought them all. Wave 1 consisted of Superman, Batman, Icicle, and Silver Banshee, and Wave 2 was Black Lightning, Major Force, Batman (a repaint with blue instead of black), and Superman (a repaint with metallic blue paint).

This figures are about 6-1/2″ tall, roughly the same scale as the popular DC Universe Classics line.

This is a pretty nice figure, but I had a heck of a time photographing it in the package (as did, apparently) because of the angled blister and the position of the artwork.

And here’s the metallic version from the second wave. Note the lovely Target clearance stickers on there… hey, at least I got it at 75% off!

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First Look – Superman/Batman Public Enemies at
Superman Batman Public Enemies Wave 2 from

3 thoughts on “Superman Batman Public Enemies Superman figure

  1. Here’s what I hear in my head when I look at those photos:
    “If only I hadn’t been weakened by that kryptonite, I could break out of this plastic casing and be free to sit on a shelf amidst my plastic brethren, as Rao intended!”

    But that’s just me. (winky face emoticon, which I don’t use).

  2. While I take every single figure that I buy out of the packaging, I do save the backing cards for most of them. I just think displaying a hundred toys in the package looks more like a toy store than a personal curation (but I fully understand those who choose to keep their stuff MIP).

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