Superman II in Crazy Magazine #81


Bet you never expected to see Superman on the cover of a Marvel comic. This is a copy of Crazy Magazine #81 published in 1981 by Marvel Comics with a cover featuring Christopher Reeve and Crazy’s mascot Obnoxio the Clown.

Crazy Magazine was Marvel’s answer to Mad Magazine, which by the 1970s had reached a circulation in the millions. Mad’s runaway cultural success with its satire and parody spawned a number of imitators, most notably Cracked, which began in 1958, and Marvel’s Crazy Magazine. Crazy, which first appeared in 1974 under the editorship of comics writer Marv Wolfman. Crazy ran for 94 issues until it was canceled in 1983. By then, Crazy’s editor was Larry Hama, who is most famous for his work with Marvel/Hasbro’s G.I. Joe franchise.


In the interest of avoiding copyright infringement, I’m just going to summarize the story and present a few panels.

Like in the original, Crazy’s parody “Sooperman, Too!” opens in Paris, where Superman prevents a terrorist attack on the Eiffel Tower.


The bomb’s blast frees the Phantom Zone (“Fehtown Zone”) criminals General Zod, Ursa, and Non… err, “General Sod,” “Urker,” and “Melvin.”


Meanwhile, “Werry Frite” sends “Lois Paine” and “Cluck Cant” to Niagara Falls to pose as newlyweds and expose fraudulent hotels. Newspapers really don’t do that kind of story any more, do they?


“General Sod” makes his way to the White House. Note the appearance by Ronald Reagan, who makes an uncharacteristically astute observation.


This is the point where I think the people putting together the story realized that they only had one page to go, because this is where they deviate heavily from the movie. Lois discovers Cluck’s identity as he steps out of the shower in his Sooperman uniform, at which point she propositions him and drags him to bed.

Meanwhile, the “Kreeptonians” are trashing Metropolis, and Sooperman shows up to defend the city.


After he’s soundly beaten, he runs away so he can star in Sooperman III.


Kind of lame story, actually. It really feels like it was thrown together at the very last minute, and they were carefully following the plot until they got to the last page and ran out of room so they just winged it. Or maybe they had more, and had to cut two pages out of the middle. I don’t really know.

Crazy was canceled about two years after this story appeared. Crazy’s mascot Obnoxio went on to star in his own one-shot comic Obnoxio vs. the X-men.

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