Ben Cooper Superman Jiggler


Ben Cooper, best known for their Halloween costumes including Superman, also made a series of jiggling dangling rubber figures in the 1970s and 1980s. Cheaply made and pretty funny-looking, these 6″ tall wobbly figures were made to be hung up from their included elastic string, whether it be in a kid’s room doorway or a rear view mirror. They were originally sold out of counter display boxes in various assortments featuring Marvel and DC comics superheroes as well as monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein. Some of Ben Cooper’s character choices for their Marvel heroes assortment are noteworthy; they released Dr. Strange and Red Skull jigglers, and I believe that was the first time those two characters were ever available as toys.

Here are a couple pictures of their off-model Superman. He’s pretty goofy and by modern standards it looks pretty substandard, but the Ben Cooper Superman jiggler has an iconic 70s toy charm I find really appealing.



Plaid Stallions has covered Ben Cooper several times on their blog, including this 1980 Ben Cooper catalog page that shows Batman, Spider-man, and Superman.

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