Muppet Magazine Summer, 1987 with Christopher Reeve


Muppet Magazine was a quarterly magazine published from 1983 to 1989 by Lorimar Publishing Group featuring funny articles and columns with Jim Henson’s popular Muppets. The magazine also included celebrities of the day like this Summer, 1987 issue with a Christopher Reeve cover story. The Reeve article was part of the promotion for Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, sadly, the last of his Superman films.

The article is essentially a written version of a Muppet Show-style skit in which Dr. Bunsen Honeydew gives his assistant Beaker super powers with the help of Christopher Reeve, integrated with some promotion for Superman IV. However, there is a moral lesson buried in the silliness. Christopher Reeve tells Beaker, “As a real hero you do good things for other people without hoping to get a reward. You help other people to strive for their best. And most of all, you’re not a show-off.”





The slapstick end of the skit/article is that, after Beaker is given his super powers and lifts Dr. Honeydew and Christopher Reeve over his head, Beaker loses his super-strength after ten seconds and crashes through the floor, dropping them both. In retrospect, probably not all that funny…

On a totally unrelated note, I had to laugh at the center spread of this issue: Kermit the Frog dressed as He-man.


Special thanks to Hugh D., who kindly sent this magazine to me to use on the site.

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