Krypto the Superdog from Fisher Price


Krypto the Superdog was a short-lived Cartoon Network series starring Superman’s dog Krypto. It debuted in 2005 and ran for just two seasons and 39 episodes. The series strays from traditional Krypto in the comics in that, instead of being the pet of Superman, Krypto belongs to a boy named Kevin Whitney, because Superman is too busy to take care of a dog. Unlike the comics, the cartoon Krypto can also speak, but only to other animals and to Kevin. Other characters on the show included other DC Comics Super-pets, including Ace the Bat Hound, Streaky the Supercat, and even Catwoman’s cat Isis.

The short-lived series spawned a toy line from Fisher Price geared toward younger children. The line included action figures in talking and non-talking versions, and vehicles. I don’t know that they’re particularly desirable or valuable among collectors, but they are relatively tough to find since they were only on the shelves for maybe a year.



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  1. Another case of Cartoon Network screwing over a good series. Krypto was advertised as part of CN’s then-new Pre-School block…but was quickly pulled from that block, and then the block just DIED. Krypto still aired, but with little to no fanfare. CN has a history of quickly pulling support from series that they heavily promote in the beginning.

    My son had nearly ALL the toys, and now my daughter has them. The shows still play on Boomerang.


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