Korean New Star Science Superman Model Kit No. 1000


As I was researching my Aoshima Superman model kit post from last week, the only English page with much information about their Superman kit was this page from Megahobby. On the bottom of the page was a really great Superman kit Megahobby mentioned was from Korea. That artwork is completely awesome, and I made a mental note to keep an eye out for one. Well, in an amazing coincidence, I found a version of that Korean kit on eBay last week and just got it. Weird how those things work out?

This Superman kit is a little different from the one pictured on the Megahobby blog page. Theirs was Kit No. 500 and this one is Kit No. 1000. I suspect the difference is that this kit was preassembled. I don’t think it came in pieces, at least, because the figure is packaged in a styrofoam tray in a window box with no assembly instructions. If it were in pieces, it wouldn’t fit in the box.

I wish I spoke Korean because I have no idea who the manufacturer is or when this toy was released. Anyone recognize the logo? If I had to guess based on the graphics, I’d say it was sold in the 1970s, but it could be a decade earlier or a decade later for all I know. The box is just wonderful. That anime-style painting of Superman makes the box… on the back, Superman is fighting a giant lizard monster, but who is with him? Is that Krypto as a Golden Retriever? And why is that kangaroo there? I love this kind of localized style!





The figure itself is also great. It stands about 6″ high and is made of hard plastic (like a model kit, naturally). It is barely painted (just the head). The emblem and belt are just labels. The colors are way off model, but somehow it works. Superman looks like some kind of robot, but it’s still an appealing looking toy.






If anyone can give me more specifics on this item (release year and manufacturer), please leave a comment below and I’ll update this post. Thanks!

Edited to add:

Here’s a detail of the side panel, which appears to have a February 1993 date.


A Redditor named TheAvocadoBaron kindly posted this translation: “I think I can make out ‘Feburary 1993’ however. And the company name is ‘Saesbyeol Gwahag’ or ‘New Star Science.’ If you could post a clearer image of that blue box we could tell you more. The rest of the text says things like ‘Warrior of Justice’ and ‘Our friend Superman brings world peace.'”

And the rest of the text in this picture:

“Quality Control Information:
Product Name: Superman
Age Range: 5 years and up
Manufacturer Name: Saesbyeol Gwahag
Address and Tel. No: 318-272 Mok-dong, Yangcheong-gu, Seoul Tel. 02643-7187
Treatment and Use Warnings: Refrain from causing shock damage and keep away from fire.”

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