German Superman und Batman Promotional Sign


My luck for finding obscure Superman memorabilia continues as I found this beauty last week. It’s a tin (?) promotional sign, in German, for Superman and Batman comics. Superman und Batman featured reprints of Superman and Batman stories originally published by DC Comics and translated and reprinted for the West German market by Ehapa Verlag GmbH. Now known as Egmont Ehapa, they are one of the largest publishers of children’s material in Germany. A quick search of eBay shows that they published Superman und Batman in various editions from the 1960s through the 1980s (and possibly longer).

This sign was something I bought from an American, who listed it on eBay as being from the early 1970s in Germany. The logos are from the 1960s versions of the comics, though Ehapa used the “dated” style of logos through the 1980s. The colorful artwork appears to be 1960s; Batman looks like he was drawn by Carmine Infantino in the late 1960s (the Adam West era), and Superman appears to have been drawn by Curt Swan Kurt Schaffenberger, though that sure looks like a Boring-esque flying pose. (Edited to add: Thanks, Chris and Anthony, for the correction on the Superman artist.) It’s hard to say exactly when this sign would have been made. The sign is screwed into small wooden posts, so it may have been used outside… it shows some scratches and tape marks. It measures about 19-3/4″ wide by 23-1/2″ high.

“Die Zeitschrift mit Wumm” is translates into “The magazine with thud,” according to Google, but I’d probably say it’s more like “The magazine with pow!” This sign sure has a lot of pow, anyway.


If you’ve ever seen this before and know a date for it, please post a comment below. Thanks!

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