Wah Tung Match Co. Superman Match Box


This is a match box from Wah Tung Match Co. featuring an interesting localized image of Superman as filtered through Chinese style art. I haven’t been able to find out a whole lot about the company, beyond that they are named after a part of Hong Kong (“Tung Wah”). The date they released this Superman pack is unknown, too. The only real info I have about the company is that they also released a series of match packs featuring great images from Chinese mythology. And here’s a Dutch site that has dozens of different Wah Tung Co. match box images.

This Superman pack measures about 1-7/16″ wide by 1-7/8″ high and the backs are plain.


In addition to Superman, I found a Batman version as well. He’s also delightfully off-model, with a green cape, yellow cowl, and red tights.


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