Dark Horse Classic DC Heroes Superman set


In 2007, Dark Horse, in conjunction with DC Direct, released a limited edition series of four statue sets under the Classic DC Heroes banner. Included in each illustrated tin container was a small pinback button, a booklet, and a 5″ high Golden Age style statue. Each statue is meant to evoke the old Syroco style statues of the 1940s (like this Syroco Superman I profiled here), so the characters are, by today’s standards, crudely painted and roughly sculpted, and each character is presented in the 1940s version of their costume. The first series was Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman.


Each of the tins in the series are decorated with classic Golden Age artwork, and this one is no exception. On the front is the famous Joe Shuster image of Superman from the cover of Superman #6. As you can see on the front at the bottom, Superman is designated as #1 in the series.


When you open the tin, the inside of the lid holds a small pinback button with the same Joe Shuster image. Mounted under that is a booklet with what I presume are details about Superman. (I haven’t opened it!)


Once you remove the foam and the plastic tray, you can see the figure. As you can see, it’s crudely decorated, but really captures the spirit and style of the Golden Age version of Superman. The figure is meant to look as if it may have been made in the 1940s, and it succeeds. Here are some more pics of the statue at different angles. The figure, when it faces right, looks like the chain-breaking image of Superman that was frequently used on 1940s licensed Superman products.




Unfortunately, the Classic DC Heroes line didn’t last past this first series of characters. Dark Horse went on to release a number of different classic comic strip and comic book characters in this style, however; particularly notable is their great series of early Silver Age Marvel statues designed in the styles of classic Marvel artists, including Dr. Strange, Spider-man, and The Fantastic Four.

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