Ogilvie Superman Premium Decals


This is a very rare Superman decal set from Ogilvie Flour Mills, a Canadian grain company. Ogilvie, founded in the mid-19th century, sold flour, wheat, oats, and processed grains. In the early 1940s. Ogilvie was the sponsor of the Superman radio program in Canada. As manufacturers of boxed breakfast cereals and wheat products, it was a good fit for the Superman audience. Ogilvie, as many radio advertisers did, offered a mail-away premium related to the show they sponsored: a brass badge of Superman breaking chains seen here in a 2006 auction from Hake’s Americana and Collectibles.

This decal set is another premium, I believe. It is about 8″ wide by 3.5″ high with several colorful images of Superman in different poses, as well as four boxes of Ogilvie products including Minute Oats, Blendies (flaked cereal), Tonik Wheat Germ, and Wheat Hearts. Their tag line “If it’s Ogilvie, it’s good!” is also part of the decal.


The back of the decal is marked with the name of the manufacturer RuDecal Transfers Limited of Toronto.


Here’s a detail of one of the product boxes included on the decal. It’s the only box on the decal that shows Superman on the box. Something else to look for!


If anyone has any further information on this item, or has an Ogilvie Minute Oats box with Superman for sale (or at least, can share pictures), please contact me!

This item will be offered in Hake’s Auction #210 coming in late October/early November. Here is the auction result. Special thanks to Alex and Todd of Hake’s for their help!

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