Hero Accessories Superman Bootleg


This is an unusual bootleg Superman figure sold under the name “Hero Accessories.” Everything I know about this line I pretty much got from this old Mego Museum thread, which includes some large color pictures of the other characters available in the line, including Batman, Robin, and Spider-man. Speculation in the Mego Museum thread suggests that these are 1980s bootleg figures that were sold mostly in Canada and England.

The figure itself is about 12″ high and is made of cheap blow-molded (hollow) plastic with very limited articulation. The face sculpt, shown in closeup above, is based on Captain Action’s Flash Gordon mask. The uniform appears to be a leftover Mego uniform from one of the 12″ Superman figures Mego released in the late 1970s. Other parts are very similar to old Captain Action accessories, like the boots and belts. Notice the red belt over the yellow belt. This figure even includes a pair of red Mego-style oven mitt gloves and a plastic gun. Bootleg design choices!


The package is pretty generic, but nice. The manufacturer saved money by releasing all the figures on the same card. Hero Accessories bootlegs are relatively hard to find packaged, especially since the bubbles are so fragile. The back of the card is completely blank.

According to that Mego Museum thread, these figures aren’t common at all here in the United States… I can’t find a single recent sale on eBay in the live listings or in completed listings. If you have any more info about this line, please post here!

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