Newsweek January 1, 1979


This issue of Newsweek, cover dated January 1, 1979, features a cover story about Superman: The Movie which was released just a few weeks earlier. The article, written by Jack Kroll, features quite a bit of background on the movie, a short feature on “the fastest-risen star since… John Travolta” Christoper Reeve, as well as some history of the Superman character, including the sad fate of Siegel and Shuster.

I’m not going to go too much into the content since you can read it for yourself and it’s a fun read, but my favorite part is the description of Gene Hackman’s response to a question from a German journalist about why Superman doesn’t deal with “the black question” in the movie…

The nerd in me wonders, though, why they used the George Reeves emblem as a graphic element in the article instead of a Reeve version, but I understand that to normal people they all look the same.






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