Toon Tumblers Superman and Supergirl Glasses


Toon Tumblers are a series of pint-sized glasses featuring licensed character lines like Marvel and DC Comics superheroes, Hanna-Barbera’s Space Ghost, Looney Tunes, Archie, and more. Popfun Merchandising, LLC were inspired by nostalgia for premium glasses that were once commonly available from fast food restaurants and at the grocery store with jelly, though their glasses are of higher printing quality, with more colors and finer line capabilities. Interestingly enough, both the glasses and the imprinting are made in the United States, so supporting an American workers is a great rationalization for collecting these and also is pretty “retro” in the best possible way.

Here are two Superman family-related glasses that they’ve released so far: Superman and Supergirl.


Superman features the iconic image from the cover of Superman #233 by Neal Adams. It’s pretty impressive that they were able to hold the finely detailed linework in his artwork… there’s just a world of difference between the image on the Toon Tumblers glass and the one on this Pepsi Superman glass, just as an example.



This Supergirl glass features art in bronze age style… not sure of the artist, unfortunately, but the logo on the back is definitely the one from the first Supergirl series from 1972.


I would love if they would delve further into supporting characters like the 7-11 cups of the 70s. I’d love to have a Jimmy Olsen or Lois Lane glass in particular.

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  1. I THINK that Supergirl artist is Bob Oskner, but I may be wrong.

    I need to catch up on these Toon Tumblers. I have the JSA one, and I love it!


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