German Superman Batman Promo Envelope


In a strange bit of synchronicity so soon after finding this German Superman und Batman tin sign, I stumbled on this small Superman Batman promotional envelope. I’m not really sure what purpose it served. It’s a 5″ wide by 7.5″ high envelope printed in flat colors on very thin coated paper. The size means it’s too small to hold a typical comic. Though some German comics were printed in digest format, I think those were much later than this envelope, which is dated 1970. Maybe it was just used as a small bag at a shop? I do not know, so if anyone has any idea, please post!


The front of the envelope shows Superman standing in a dark shadow (oddly, not Batman shaped) with the Superman Batman logo. No “und” though! It also has the same tag line that’s on the promotional sign: roughly translated as “The magazine with pow!” or “The magazine with wham!”


The back features a crossover promotion with Asterix, which is an extremely popular European cartoon character. Translation for the back starting from the top:

“Every Two Weeks”

“Funny adventures with the ever-launched-to-strike Asterix, exciting detective stories, enthralling racing stories.”

“And every time Superman and Batman are there!”

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