Superman Japanese Bridgestone Promo Ashtray


This is the kind of licensed character merchandise that really doesn’t get made these days thanks to the shift in cultural attitude towards smoking. it’s a Superman ashtray from Bridgestone Tire’s Japanese division.

The box, which is relatively simple in black with just a bit of text, shows a copyright date of 1978 on the side flap. The Japanese text says “Superman Ashtray Small.” (Wonder if there’s a large version?) The back of the box is plain black.



The ashtray itself is glass with artwork that appears to be stock art by Neal Adams.


This side says “Bridgestone.”


The top of the ashtray has a superhero style SF logo and says, “Super Filler Radial.” According to Bridgestone corporate history, Super Filler radial tires were developed in 1977 and the model RD-207V was put in production in 1978. (Thanks to the helpful users at /r/translator for their help!)


This side shows a small Superman emblem label with a different copyright date (1977).


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