Canada Post Superman 75th Anniversary Stamps


In honor of Superman’s 75th birthday, the Canadian postal service Canada Post has released a series of Superman stamps by various notable artists, as well as
several different Superman items available for purchase here. Among the items are five different booklets with Superman covers. Unfortunately, when you purchase these on Canada Post’s web site, you don’t get to pick which booklet you get. My good friend Brian of Plaid Stallions fame is a real, live Canadian, and he kindly offered to pick them up for me, saving me the risk of ending up with Jim Lee or Kenneth Rocafort,

Here are the two I picked:

Superman #1 with Joe Shuster art…



And Action Comics #13, another Shuster cover.



Here’s a look at the stamps. The five versions of Superman portrayed on the stamps included in the booklets are by Joe Shuster from Superman #1, Wayne Boring from Superman #32, Neal Adams from Superman #233, Jim Lee from Superman #204 (obviously modeled after Superman #1), and Kenneth Rocafort from Superman Annual #2.


Not pictured here is the stamp for John Byrne’s Man of Steel #1, which is available in rolls.

As a Silver Age fan, I think it’s interesting the way whoever designed these seemed to completely skip over over 25 years of Superman history. From Superman #32 to Superman #233 is a third of Superman’s history failing to be represented, and omitting Curt Swan in favor of Jim Lee and/or Keith Rocafort is a real shame. No offense to Mr. Rocafort, but he’s no Curt Swan. I don’t know how involved DC editorial was with these stamps, but the absence of any Silver Age artist in this series seems to be part of their greater trend of trying to replace that period with the abysmal New 52. Ugh.

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