DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Attack from Apokolips Six Pack


Here’s another one of those great DC Universe six-packs that Mattel offered as part of its collector favorite Justice League Unlimited line. This specific pack, released in 2008, is “Attack from Apokolips” based loosely the last two episodes of Justice League Unlimited. It features five characters from Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series. Part of what makes the Justice League Unlimited line so beloved among DC fans is the inclusion of many, many obscure characters that aren’t well known in the general public. This pack includes Mr. Miracle, the super-escape artist who escaped Apokolips, Forager, a humanoid bug who lives on New Genesis, Mantis, a villainous underling of Darkseid, Darkseid, the cruel ruler of Apokolips, and Lashina, one of the Female Furies, a group of deadly female fighters on Apokolips.


Notice the misspelling of “Apolkolips” on the front. This isn’t a rare variant… they’re all that way.


Additional Information

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