DC Direct Superman


This is a DC Direct Superman figure offered in 2003 as part of the first wave of the Superman-branded line. This one is one of the first Superman figures DC Direct released. Sculpted by Tim Bruckner, this figure stands about 6.5″ tall and includes a blue S shield display stand.



The back of the card shows the rest of the figures in Wave 1, as well as giving brief bios of the characters in the line.

I have a loose one, too, so here are some unpackaged shots… his sculpt has kind of an Ordway or Bogdanove vibe, but I don’t think the style was patterned after any specific Superman artist.





Edited to add: I bought the carded version of this figure at the new Mego Museum Mall which is a great resource for vintage toys.

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  1. This is probably DCD’s best Superman figure. I could be wrong, but I think the Silver Age Superman/Lois 2-pack may have come before this one. I seem to recall a big deal that DCD finally could make Superman, and Supes/Lois were on the cover of Tomart’s magazine.


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