DC Direct Alfred E. Neuman as Superman Figure

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s that guy from Mad Magazine

Originally released in late 2001, DC Direct’s “Just Us League of Stupid Heroes” line featured Alfred E. Neuman, beloved mascot of Mad Magazine, dressed as various DC Comics superheroes. It’s a strange concept for an action figure line and one that makes very little sense until you realize that both DC Comics and Mad Magazine are owned by Warner Bros. Increased merchandising of Alfred E. Neuman was also part of the promotion of Mad’s 50th anniversary in 2002.

This figure is Alfred in his Superman costume. He stands about 6″ or so tall wears a cloth cape, interchangeable hands, and a very nice accessory: a piece of Kryptonite on a chain.

No, they did not release a Lex Luthor Alfred E. Neuman.

Later this year, DC Direct is rereleasing the Just Us League line, with a new addition: the Joker.

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