Ogilvie Minute Oats Superman Box


Back on September 20, I posted this rare Superman premium decal set from Ogilvie. A Canadian company, Ogilvie was large grain mill that sponsored the Superman radio program in Canada in the 1940s. One of the decals in the set showed a box of minute oats with picture of Superman.


As luck would have it, less than a month after I made my post about the decals, this cereal box turned up in Quebec, and I was fortunate enough to obtain it.

The box measures about 10″ high by 8-3/8″ wide by 3-1/8″ deep and features a colorful early picture of Superman based on the cover of Superman #6 by Joe Shuster. Because it’s a Canadian product, it’s bilingual with English language on two sides and French on the opposite sides.

I love that the front says: Superman Says “Keep Strong and Healthy.”





The box makes no mention of the decals or the Superman premium badge which they also offered.

I’m not sure how many of these remain, but I cannot imagine there are too many. If you have one, or if you have any further information about this item, please post below.

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