Superman Items in Hake’s Auction #210


Hake’s Americana & Collectibles opened their Auction #210 for online bidding this week and their phone book-sized catalogs are in the mail! Once again, the crew at Hake’s has lined up a lot of great items in their Superman category, with rare items as early as the 1930s.

Here are some of my favorites:

Leading off the comics category is this CGC 5.0 copy of Action Comics #17, featuring the sixth appearance of Superman on a comic book cover. (Looks like it may have been the inspiration for the Superman Turnover Tank, too.)

Hakes 210 Action 17

One of Superman’s most iconic covers is featured on this copy of Superman #6. That cover artwork was used repeatedly on merchandise of the 1940s.

Hakes 210 Superman 6

What better place to display your golden age Superman comics than on this 1950s-era Superman comic rack from the collection of famed designer Chip Kidd? Think of all the great books that were probably sold out of this rack.

Hakes 210 Comic Rack

If you ever wanted to own the ultimate piece of Curt Swan art, this original cover art from Action Comics #309 would rank right up there near the top. It features an extensive lineup of Superman’s supporting characters, including Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Perry White, Lana Lang, the Legion of Super-heroes, and even Batman and Robin. The only downside is that I’d have to take out a second mortgage to afford it.

Hakes 210 Action 309

I’ve posted about my brown and red Syroco Superman before (and I even made a promotional trading card of it), but Hake’s has one of the full color painted versions this time around. They also have the super-rare version with the ashtray, one of which my friend Karl is lucky enough to own.

Hakes 210 Syroco Superman Painted

I know the Superman Crusader ring from Kellogg’s is not uncommon, but have you ever seen the original mailer box before?


Superman’s Krypto-Raygun has some great box art. I need to get one of these someday!

Hakes 210 Krypto Raygun

Another item on my “someday” list is this great Atom Man vs. Superman movie poster from the original Superman serial. Speaking of which, Hake’s also has a Superman suit used by Kirk Alyn at public appearances. Kirk Alyn was way before my time, but he really is an underappreciated part of Superman history.

Hakes 210 Atom Man vs Superman Chapter 3 Poster

Kellogg’s and Superman have had a long and fruitful relationship. Here’s a 1950s vintage cereal box for Sugar Frosted Flakes (from back in the day when you could say right on the box that your cereal has sugar in it) that features a neat Superman promo. Love that old Tony the Tiger.

Hakes 210 Sugar Frosted Flakes

And here’s a very rare old die cut store display for Kellogg’s cereal featuring Superman. That would look great in my kitchen!

Hakes 210 Superman Ad Sign

I could go on, but it would take me a while… there are 69 different Superman-related items up for bids in Auction #210. Most of these items close on November 21, so mark your calendars if you want to see last minute bidding action.

Oh, and I’ve consigned a few items in this auction myself, including this early Superman match box label, a striking promotional sign for Superman and Batman comics from Germany, and this super rare 1940s Superman promotional decal set from Canada. While I wouldn’t really mind having to bring any of these three Superman items back home, bid on these and you’ll be helping keep me in Superman merchandise to feature here on Collecting Superman.

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  1. Awesome stuff…that I could never afford, but thanks for sharing anyway! Whose the guy behind the Legionnaires, in front of Lori’s tank?


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