Mego Meet 2013 Exclusive Snyderman Custom Figure


Each year in June, Mego fans from all over the country gather in Wheeling, West Virginia for Mego Meet, a small convention/annual meeting organized by members of the Mego Museum. One of the joys of Mego Meet is its annual exclusive custom Mego-style figure, made in extremely small quantities (this time I believe it was 40), assembled by hand, and sold at the convention. 2013’s exclusive was Snyderman, an interesting choice; it’s not immediately something that a fan would request when making a list of figures they’d like to see, but it’s one of those picks that just makes perfect sense. You may not know Snyderman by name, but if you read comics in the late 1970s or collected them since then, you probably recognize him.

For those of you who don’t know who Snyderman is, he was a superhero pitchman for Heroes World, a company who advertised heavily in Marvel Comics and who offered several different distinctive hand-drawn comic book size product catalogs from the 70s through the early 90s. Their catalogs are chock full of toy goodness from the period, including Mego action figures, Star Wars, treasury editions, books, calendars, and various other Marvel and DC superhero merchandise. These catalogs turn up frequently at comic conventions and, because I can’t resist picking it up when they’re cheap, I probably have a few copies of each one. Here’s a sample scan of one of them:


Snyderman comes in an illustrated five-panel window box similar in style to the 12″ Mego boxes. The box was made by, and features vintage graphics from the old Heroes World catalogs.



The figure itself stands about 8″ tall… Mego scale, natch! Snyderman was designed and coordinated by Scott A. of the Mego Museum, but it was a team effort… the head was sculpted by BlackKnight (who also sculpted my Christopher Reeve Superman Mego-style custom) and painted by Scott A., the body was from Dr. Mego, the suit was by Megowgsh and Mrs. Scott A., the paints were by Megospidey, the belt was from Noelani72, and the emblem was from David Lee. They did a great job capturing the Mego spirit. I am particularly impressed that the cape material is a nearly exact match for the nylon used on original Mego capes.





You might be asking, “Why is this figure on a web site about Superman collectibles?” Well, aside from its relationship to a company that sold a lot of Superman merchandise back in the 1970s, each Snyderman comes with a couple of miniature figures as accessories. Thanks to Scott A., who organized and designed Snyderman, I was able to get my choice.


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Want your very own Snyderman figure? I see there’s one available at the Mego Mall.

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