Superman Action Hero Pocket Puppet


From Durham Industries, Inc. comes this Action Hero Pocket Puppet of Superman. Though the package is undated, I believe it to be a mid to late 1970s release. The figure is pretty strange; it’s made of printed die-cut flexible plastic and is hinged at the neck, shoulders, and hips. It’s also off-model with Superman wearing red gloves.

Durham also made a Batman which used the exact same card art as this one. Durham released other Superman items, including a water gun (which used similar card art) and a Slinky knockoff called a Krazy Koil.


The back of the card is blank.

3 thoughts on “Superman Action Hero Pocket Puppet

  1. You gotta love Durham. They took pride in what they did, boldly claiming ownership of their product. Too bad most of them are rather…well…lame. But lameness equals kitschy cool conversation pieces like this one!


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