Medicom Bearbrick Super Powers Superman


Bearbrick (or Be@rbrick, as it is creatively spelled) is the name of a collectible figurine style from the Japanese toy company Medicom. Medicom’s line of small figurines called Kubricks, which are similar in style to other miniature collectible figures like Mez-itz, DC’s Pocket Heroes, and maybe even Lego’s minifigs, were the inspiration for the name… these are bear Kubricks, or Bearbricks. The first Bearbrick was released in 2001 as a convention giveaway, and there have been hundreds of different releases with a variety of different themes over the past twelve years… including several different Superman versions.

I’m not really into Bearbricks at all, but this one caught my eye because of its packaging. Last year, Medicom released a convention exclusive Batman on Super Powers-style blister card, and I remember seeing it at a show in November and wishing they did a Superman. This year, Medicom offered Riddler and Superman. (And I feel compelled to nerdily point out that Riddler was never offered as part of the original Super Powers line. He only appeared in foreign markets as a Super Amigos figure, so Medicom should have released its Riddler Bearbrick on a Super Amigos card. I am a nerd.)

Edited to add: Medicom also did a Plastic Man Bearbrick on a Super Powers card. Thanks for the tip, Ed!

As you can see from the pics below, the homage to Super Powers is faithful, right down the the use of classic José Luis García-López style guide art, just like on Super Powers cards. The figure is classic red shorts style and stands about 3″ tall.


That sticker kind of ruins the effect and I really should just peel it right off.


According to the package, this is a limited edition of 2500, but it’s not particularly difficult to find online; at any given time, there are a few dozen eBay sellers that have it in stock, and it’s easily obtainable for less than $20 shipped. Well worth it if you like Super Powers or little plastic figures or bears or Superman.

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