NJ Croce Bendable Poseable Superman


This is a figure of Superman released by the NJ Croce Co. in 2013. The figure stands about 5-1/2″ high and is a bendy figure: flexible plastic with wires inside that allow the figure to be bent and posed. Superman is part of a series of DC superhero figures from the company; he’s also available as part of a four-figure boxed set with Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Lantern. Each is also available singly on a card, with Joker only available as a single.

This line is notable because its style owes a lot to the late Golden Age/early Silver Age. It seems to be particularly influenced by Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier mini-series, though Superman’s emblem, which features a black background, seems to be a cross between the silver age version and the Fleischer cartoon version. It gives me some hope to see a new series of figures done in non-New 52 style, even if they are bendables aimed at the giftware market.

I haven’t seen these in mass market retailers at all, but they are available online and I believe they were offered through comic shops. I picked mine up on eBay.



11-17-2013 Update

When I posted a link to this article on MegoMuseum.com, member PNGwynne pointed out that he saw these figures on an endcap at Wal-mart. I did not find the endcap, but I did spot a lone Superman sitting on the shelf, underneath the action figure pegs, all by his lonesome. I noticed the card seemed to be slightly smaller, so I snagged him so you can see this comparison between the Wal-mart versions and the one I got from an eBay seller.

On the left of the photo is the original one, whose card measures 5-1/2″ wide by 7-7/8″ high. On the right is the Wal-mart small carded version, which measures 4-3/8″ wide by 7-3/8″ high.


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