Microman MA-36 Superman Comics Version


In 2006, Takara released four different Superman characters as part of its Microman series of super-articulated action figures. This one is MA-36, the Superman Comic version. This figure stands about 4″ tall and has 37 points of articulation, meaning it can be posed in a number of different ways. The figure comes with a plastic stand and a several different hands that can be swapped out easily.


The back of the card shows a diagram of the body and several photos of Superman in different poses.


I reshot this figure three times and I’m still not 100% happy with the photos. I kept running into an issue where the plastic cape makes the figure really wants to fall backwards. The stand isn’t heavy enough to prevent that, and the joints of the figure are somewhat loose. Great for playing around with, but maybe not so good for display.





The blue might be a little too dark and the flesh tone is super-pale, but the sculpt is really good and captures Superman well. This guy is one of my favorites.

Since I’m not reshooting this again, here’s a link to some better photos of this figure from TheFwoosh.com.

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