1982 Superman Jaycees Trading Pins

The Jaycees (Junior Chamber) is a national organization for young professionals age 18 to 41 to develop leadership skills while performing service projects for their community. These trading pins were developed as an icebreaker so that regional organizations participating in conventions and annual meetings would swap their group’s pins with other attendees, and then network and become friends. Browse through the Pinsource database of Jaycees trading pins and you’ll see they were done in a number of different subjects and characters, including Superman. (And naked ladies! Wooooo!)

These cloisonné pins were made in 1982 by the New York delegation of the Jaycees. The set includes a flying Superman, Clark Kent changing into Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White. I really like these, especially since they did the supporting characters.

Additional Information

Pinsource.info’s Trading Pins Database

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