Special Guest Submission: Shreddies Superman II Action Transfers


Mike, a Collecting Superman reader from the U.K., contacted me over the weekend to see if I could find a value on some Superman II transfers he had. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really give him much more than an educated guess, but he was kind enough to allow me to share them on my site. These are a set of Action Transfers that were a cereal box prize for Shreddies, a breakfast cereal from Nabisco sold in the U.K. Each is about 1-7/8″ high by 3-1/4″ wide, and Mike had four different ones with images of characters from Superman II.

While I was unable to find a prior sale of these, I did find a site that has some clues as to how they were marketed. The site action-transfers.com is an extensive archive of these rub-off transfers, and has some other examples that show that the Shreddies boxes had background scenes on the back on which to stick the rub-offs. Here’s a page from the site that shows a variety of Batman transfers, including a Shredded Wheat box. Here’s another one with some great Tarzan transfers.





Thanks for sharing these, Mike!

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