Domo-kun Mystery Minis Pop Vinyl Classic Superman and Clark Kent


These are two Mystery Mini Pop Vinyl figures from Funko’s line that mashes up the Japanese animated character Domo-kun and DC Superheroes. These figures are sold out of counter display boxes and are blind boxed, meaning that you don’t know what figure you’re going to get until you open the box. Some people find the lottery aspect fun, but it’s a little too frustrating if you only want two characters and both are chase figures. Standing roughly 2-1/2″ high, they are painted vinyl figures featuring Domo as Superman in his classic red shorts costume, and Clark Kent. Both of these are relatively difficult-to-find chase figures; the Superman is noted as a 1 in 72 figure (one every three cases) and Clark Kent is 1 in 144 (one every six cases).

These have been part of a recent trend I’ve noticed on eBay of Chinese/Hong Kong sellers offering loose action figures at low prices. Right now, there are a few sellers offering these Domo figures, but I’ve also seen JLU, DC Universe Classics, Young Justice, Action League, and others. Presumably, these figures are direct from the factory. I’m wondering, based on the condition of the paint on the two I bought, if they might be seconds or quality control rejects. No matter… Domo as Clark has been offered as high as $90 on eBay, so I don’t mind a few paint issues when I don’t have to open figures one by one. I ended up getting both of these, plus two additional figures (Aquaman and Flash) for $16 shipped.

As you can see, the paint on Superman’s belt is pretty rough. I also had to do some Photoshop work on both of these to get them to be acceptable to present in large photos… not really a big deal, but something to bear in mind if you decide to go this route.





I know these weird vinyl figures aren’t every Superman collectors cup of tea, but I just love this Clark Kent version. I think it’s the combination of the open shirt, screaming mouth with fangs and nerd glasses.





Here’s part of a page from Funko’s 2013 catalog that shows all of the DC superheroes that are available in this line and their approximate case packouts. As you can see, Funko also made a New 52 style Superman, but I have no interest in that one.


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