Kellogg’s Man of Steel Breakfast Cereal Boxes from Japan


I was really disappointed this past summer that there wasn’t a Superman-related breakfast cereal promotion here in the U.S. in conjunction with the release of Man of Steel. Though there were a number of different grocery products with Man of Steel promos, there was no U.S. breakfast cereal. There was a great Superman Crunch cereal box with Superman Returns back in 2006, why not this time?

That is, until I spotted a Man of Steel breakfast cereal box from Japan that was posted for sale on eBay. Though I didn’t win that first one, I managed to snag two of the boxes recently on eBay and here they are. I don’t read Japanese at all, but this first one appears to be whatever the Japanese name is for Frosted Flakes. The second is some kind of maple waffle cereal that looks pretty good. (Edited to add: Reader Jamie R. points out that the name on the first box is Corn Frosty, and the second is Corn Frosty Waffle.) Both come with Man of Steel photos of Henry Cavill as Superman, and include the date Man of Steel opened in Japan (August 30). They each have a cereal box prize… judging from the diagram, it’s some kind of drinking straw toy.





As a collector who loves food-related Superman promos, I was really happy to be able to track these down. If you’d like one for your own collection, there’s an example for sale on eBay right now.

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