ShengYuan Superman “boot-Lego” minifigs


Something I found recently while scanning eBay to try to find a cheap Clark Kent Lego minifig that was packed in with the latest Lego Batman DVD were these bootleg (or, to be cute, “boot-Lego”) Lego-style miniature figures from a company called ShengYuan. I don’t really know a whole lot about the company aside from the fact that it’s Chinese, and they make several different bootleg Lego minifig lines including Marvel and Batman. Here’s a copy of the flier that was packed in with each of the figures:



These are most commonly sold loose in a bag, but I paid extra and got boxed versions. The boxes are actually really nice and I kind of wish Lego did their minifigures in boxes like this. Each figure boxed figure includes the figure plus a few accessories, a small Lego-style stand for display, the flier shown above, and three trading cards. There are eight total figures included in the Superman line: Superman in classic costume, Superman in a black costume, Superman in a Man of Steel costume, Zod from Man of Steel, Jor-El wearing Superman’s Man of Steel costume, Clark Kent, Bizarro, and Cyborg Superman. Here are pictures with a few comments:




Superman wearing a black Man of Steel costume inexplicably has two guns.


The figure stand that’s included with each of these figures has the ShengYuan Superheroes logo, plus “Collect Them All.” There’s also a line that says “Herd Series” which probably is supposed to say “Hero Series.”


Interesting how on the Man of Steel Superman box the image is backwards.



General Zod is a bit disappointing. He doesn’t match the illustration: no cape, brown hair, and a different face. His emblem is wrong, too. Zod comes with a long gun and two blue crystals (or Kryptonite).


Jor-El has another backwards image on the box.







The back of each of the boxes is the same.

Also included in each box are three trading/game cards featuring images of the various characters ShengYuan offers. Most of what I got were Avengers/Marvel characters, but I did get two different DC heroes: Superman and Batman. Here are a few samples:


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  1. so who was the US seller? I was checking out ebay and i only see these grouped in 6. I was hoping to just find lots of the clone trooper…for an army of course ^^ I heard the clone trooper was actually pretty good quality.

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