Wrights Justice League of America Superman Applique Patch


This is a stick-on applique patch of Superman from a company named Wrights and is in the original package: shrink-wrapped on a card. The package is not dated, but judging from the typography and the package design, I think it’s from the 1970s. Superman stands about 3-1/4″ tall.

Wrights released larger 4-1/2″ high versions of these patches, too. Hake’s Americana recently offered a complete set of loose Justice League patches, linked so you can see the rest of the series.

Though I’m not sure this is particularly valuable, these aren’t easy to find in the original package.


One thought on “Wrights Justice League of America Superman Applique Patch

  1. I remember comic ads for these. It was from the 70s, but oddly enough the patches were mostly based on Mike Sekowsky JLA art from the 60s. Green Arrow had been in his bearded Neal Adams look for years by the time this clean-shaven patch came out.


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