Serial Lakon 2 TV 92 Seri 1 with Superboy


Here’s a strange and funny foreign item. It’s an uncut sheet of cards featuring illustrations of 1980s and 1990s TV action dramas including MacGuyver, Knight Rider, 21 Jump Street, Air Wolf, Hunter, Crime Story, Miami Vice, Spenser for Hire, Jake and the Fatman (?!), and Superboy from the live action TV series that ran from 1988 to 1992. I bought this from an eBay seller in Malaysia, but I’m not really sure where they came from. There’s a company name in the box numbered 14 in the set: GK Gunung Kelud. Kelud is the name of a volcano in Indonesia. The company produced similar card sets with other characters. Here are some examples of the other card sheets they produced.

The cards are actually printed on a 10″ by 7-1/8″ sheet of paper, not card stock. The printing is off register. The drawings all appear to be from the same artist… there’s a signature in box 28. Aside from the art and the subject matter, the other thing that’s weird and amusing about the set is that it’s filled out with pictures of Marvel superheroes like Spider-man and the Hulk, plus some pretty obscure choices including the Spider-man villain Will O’ The Wisp (on two cards!), Valkyrie from the Defenders, and a few Avengers. Also appearing on the card are some heroes I never heard of; they’re probably some local superheroes.

As is often the case with unlicensed foreign merchandise, Superboy is off-model.


I love this kind of stuff, so if you ever find anything like this, please contact me!

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