DC Universe Young Justice Superman


Young Justice was a cartoon series shown on Cartoon Network featuring a young team of DC superheroes… think Justice League, but younger. The show, which ran for two seasons from 2011-2013, spawned an action figure line from Mattel. Strangely enough, some of the figures are 6″ scale, some are 4″ scale, and some were sold in two-packs. This single carded Superman was one of the 4″ figures available in wave 4 of Young Justice. This wave, like many Mattel figures, received poor distribution in the United States so, for a while, it sold for up to ten times the retail price in the toy aftermarket. However, they started to turn up in England and overseas, so it’s possible to track one down for a reasonable price on eBay if you don’t mind putting up with possible damage from overseas shipping.

Unfortunately, the first one I ordered didn’t show up after a month or so; the seller was kind enough to send a replacement. Soon after, the first one showed up looking quite rumpled with a sticker on the envelope that said “Misrouted to Australia.” I’m assuming that Superman had some pressing business there. As a result, though, I ended up with two figures… one to open and one to keep carded. (Yes, I did offer to pay for the second, but the seller told me to just keep it since it was damaged.)

Superman appeared on Young Justice several times because one of its members Superboy is his clone. Here’s a montage of Superman/Superboy clips from YouTube:

And here are some pictures of the figure. Its only accessory is an orange translucent stand.







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