Hallmark 2006 Superman Keepsake Christmas Ornament


Since their first Superman Christmas ornament in 1993, Hallmark has offered a number of different Superman figurines for your Christmas tree, including this 2006 version showing Superman flying over the iconic globe at the top of Daily Planet building. This one was sculpted by Hallmark sculptor Lane Feuer, who went on to work at Hasbro and sculpt Star Wars and Marvel Comics action figures and now is a member of the team at MakerBot Industries, a 3D printing company.

This is a very nice ornament, though I think it suffers a bit due to the painting. Check out the difference between the prototype on the box front and the finished product… the final version has a worried expression thanks to the overly large anime-style eyes and curved eyebrows. Almost makes me want to take a stab at repainting it because the prototype looks much more true to the character.







Special thanks to Rick D. who was kind enough to include this as a throw-in on a recent purchase.

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