Imaginext Brainiac, Superman Exoskeleton Suit, and more!


“It could be worse.”

I don’t know what it is about Walmart employees and commenting on my purchases, but this is what the lady behind the counter said when I picked up my ship-to-store order of this hard-to-find Imaginext Brainiac. Imaginext is a Fisher-Price line of action figures, vehicles, and playsets geared toward younger children… and me, apparently! Fisher-Price has a license to produce DC superheroes and have released most of the major heroes under two different brands: DC Super Friends and Justice League. Here is my previous post about Superman-related Imaginext figures, which turned out to be one of the highest trafficked pages of my site last year.

Since then, there have been a few other Superman-related releases, including this Brainiac, who is pictured on the back of some of the packages, but is pretty tough to find. I finally got him when I saw he is available for order online at Walmart. He looks a bit like the Superman Animated style of Brainiac, only more of a teal color.



This two-pack, branded with a Justice League logo, contains Superman in the (ugh) New 52 style of Target’s other Justice League products, and the villain Darkseid.



This Superman Exoskeleton Suit is larger than the previously-released Imaginext Lex Luthor Mechanical Suit.



I really hadn’t intended on picking up the Superman playset, but I found it on sale at Amazon for less than $12 right before Christmas. (It’s $17 now… not quite as exciting a deal.) The set includes Superman in a simplified movie version of his costume and General Zod.



Judging by the empty pegs at Target in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I think the Imaginext DC heroes line is selling pretty well. Here’s hoping there are more Superman offerings in the future. Daily Planet with Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and Lois Lane anyone?

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