Mego Talking Super Softie Superman


Mego Corporation was a pioneer of action figure licensing in the 1970s and early 1980s, and are popularly known for their 8″ figure releases of superheroes, TV characters, and movie heroes. Among their lesser-known products was the Super Softies series of four different plush dolls in 19″ and 24″ talking format: the Lone Ranger, Spider-man, Batman, and Superman. (They also did some Wizard of Oz figures in this format, too.)

To my surprise and delight, one of my friends gave me a Mego Super Softie Superman for Christmas. (He found it hidden on eBay… yet another example of how it’s still possible to find things on eBay and not pay too much money.) Standing 24″ tall, this plush Superman contains a talk-box that is activated by a looped pull string on the back. Pull the string and he says one of four different phrases.


The page on Superman Super Softies on the Mego Museum points out there are two different faces on Mego Super Softies. No one really knows which one came first, unfortunately.

Superman’s emblem is an iron on patch. His belt is made of yellow vinyl with a large buckle that’s similar to the early elastic belt version of Mego’s Robin (just a lot bigger!).


Here’s a back view. Superman’s cape is not sewn to the suit; it has a black elastic band that goes around Superman’s neck.


And here’s a detail of the talk box on the back with the pull string.

As a bonus, I’ve recorded the four sounds this talking doll makes and saved them as MP3 files for your listening pleasure. As with many pull-string talking dolls of this period, the sound quality isn’t that great and he’s probably talking a little fast. I adjusted the pitch a bit, but I left the string-pulling sound in there for extra retro appeal.

“Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound”

“Faster than a Speeding Bullet… Up, Up, And Away!”

“It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Superman!”

“Quick! A Phone Booth! I’ve Got to Change to Clark Kent!”

Unfortunately, the Super Softies did not sell very well for Mego, so they are difficult to find today especially in the package.

For further information

As always, the authority on anything Mego is The Mego Museum and their coverage of Super Softies is no exception!

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