Mattel Steel Shield Superman


From the “Why?” department comes the latest Superman action figure to hit store shelves: Steel Shield Superman from Mattel’s new Batman 3-3/4″ kid’s line. Target’s famous post-Christmas toy aisle reset happened about a week ago on my local Target stores, so they should be appearing near you if they haven’t already. While I like the sculpt very much because it’s cartoony with kid appeal without being too goofy, this Superman is wearing the new “no red shorts” costume.

The really odd thing to me is that he comes with a giant shield and hammer. I understand that Superman isn’t a gadget-toting hero like Batman, and toy companies often have to invent accessories to include with Superman merchandise for greater playability, but I think it’s funny they decided to give him a big hammer like he’s Thor.

Anyway, it’s kind of a neat little figure, and not too shabby at $6.99.



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