DC Superheroes S3 Select Sculpt Superman


This DC Superheroes Superman figure was released in 2006, a precursor to the popular DC Universe Classics. The DC Superheroes line, sometimes called S3 Super Sculpt figures, were first released in 2006. That year, alternating waves featured Batman and Superman characters, with Batman taking first and third and Superman second and fourth. This particular version of Superman was part of the second wave. He stands about 6″ high and has multiple points of articulation, similar in style to earlier Marvel Legends figures. It also includes a comic reprint of Superman Man of Tomorrow #9. Well, at least it has the cover from Man of Tomorrow #9. I haven’t opened it to check.







Since 2006, this figure has been released multiple times on different cards and as part of two-packs, including a Target exclusive Clark Kent/Superman pack from 2006 and, more recently, a Superman/He-man two-pack from Toys R Us.

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