Superman #136 French Edition


This issue of Superman, numbered #136, was published by Interpresse, S.A., a Belgian publisher whose products included French versions of American comic books like Superman. The cover shows a price for Belgium and for Canada, so I’d presume it was distributed in at least those two French-speaking countries. There is no month listed, but the interior has a copyright date of 1979.

The interior is full color and contains reprints of two Superman tales relettered in French: “My Best Friend, the Super-Spy,” originally published in Action Comics #449 in 1975, and “”Costume, Costume — Who’s Got the Costume?” from Superman #295, published in 1976.

The reason I bought this specific issue, though, is the use of a Superman The Movie promotional image featuring Christopher Reeve as Superman on the cover. I don’t really know for sure, but it looks like the image was originally black and white and then colorized and/or hand-separated so it could print in color.


I like photo covers a lot, and I don’t think DC ever put a photo of Christopher Reeve on the regular Superman series, so this is pretty unusual.

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  1. Man, DC would have sold a crapload of comics in 1978/79 if they’d done this. I never could understand why they didn’t work some kind of deal out where they could do this.

    Oddly enough, those photos of Reeve are based on design sketches by Nick Cardy, who drew many covers for Superman in the early 70s.

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