Superman In The Jungle AB&C Cards


An interesting part of Superman trading card history is Topps’ non-sport series “Superman in the Jungle,” a set they created in response to a rival company’s acquisition of the Tarzan license. This set was tested in the United States and did not sell well; however, it was later licensed to a company named A,B&C for distribution in the United Kingdom. The A,B&C versions of the cards are slightly smaller than the super-rare U.S. ones.

Though there are 66 cards in a complete set, plus 15 puzzle pieces, I only have a few. I just recently acquired the six shown below from an eBay seller in Finland.



The art on the front is by longtime Superman artist Al Plastino, who illustrated the first appearance of Supergirl in Action Comics #252. The back features a text story that runs from card to card; it’s a story about Superman fighting various jungle animals and tribesmen, and then Lex Luthor.

The puzzle art, which was reused on the box, was painted by Norm Saunders, who is probably best known as the painter of the legendary Mars Attacks trading card set. Saunders also inked Plastino’s card art. Here is a picture of a proof of the puzzle that was sold by Topps in its Vault auctions.

Superman in the Jungle Norm Saunders Puzzle Proof

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