DC Direct First Appearance Composite Superman


Ten years ago in 2004, DC Direct began its series of First Appearance action figures with styling based on the debut of each character. The series ran for four waves of four figures, plus a five figure box set of Justice League of America. This Composite Superman figure was offered as part of the third wave of figures.


Composite Superman debuted in World’s Finest #142. In his origin tale, Composite Superman was a down-on-his-luck diver named Joseph Meach who was saved by Superman after a publicity stunt went terribly wrong. Superman helped Meach get a job as a custodian at the Superman Museum in Metropolis, though Meach grew resentful of Superman after being surrounded by memorabilia of Superman’s greatness. In a freak accident, Meach developed the powers of the entire Legion of Superheroes after lightning passed through their statues at the Museum and struck him. Meach used his shapeshifting ability from Chameleon Boy to turn himself into a green-skinned half-Superman/half-Batman super-villain and torment Superman and Batman. Great stuff, though Meach lost his powers at the end of the story.

The figure stands about 6″ high and is sculpted in the style of Curt Swan. It comes in a window box with a stand and a minicomic reprint of World’s Finest #142. The back of the box shows the other releases in this series, including Riddler, Nightwing, and the Cassandra Cain version of Batgirl. Since I’m a big Silver Age Superman fan, this Composite Superman is one of my favorites from DC Direct.



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