Superman Candy Wrapper from Elite


Back in January of 2013, I published this post about a Superman chocolate bar wrapper from Elite, a candy company in Israel. I recently found a different Elite example from the same period 1980. This one is larger, measuring about 6-1/4″ wide by 8-1/4″ high, and features almost entirely Hebrew text. Unfortunately, I can’t read it so I’m not sure exactly what it says. It is dated 1980.

The inside of the wrapper has a ghosted image of Superman with some additional text, plus a rubber stamped date. I suspect the date stamp is from the collector who originally purchased this. This wrapper came from the collection of Harry Levene, a British collector of candy bar wrappers who amassed a collection of almost 50,000 different examples from 93 different countries around the world. Mr. Levene passed away in 1996.



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