Chicle Globo Tatuaje Super Heroes Superman Wrappers


Another follow-up post… maybe it’s a theme week! About a year ago, I posted this article about Chicle Globo Tatuaje Super Heroes (Bubble Gum Tattoo Super Heroes) from a company named Stani S.A.I.C. According to, this series saw two releases: an earlier 1978 release in Mexico and a later 1980s release in Puerto Rico. However, their site also says that the later releases have a 7g weight, which these examples have, and the later release should not have the notation “Stani S.A.I.C.,” but these do. Either these are a transitional piece or they are the later 7g version.

Since last year, I tracked down both of the Superman wrappers, and they are shown below. I love the art on these… perfect retro style.





A complete display box of 60 pieces recently surfaced on eBay selling for $203.50. Pictured below are two of the photos from that auction.


$_57 (3)

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